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Cash Discounting Terms

Cash Discounting

Cash discounting is a term used by credit card processing agents, merchants, resellers and ISOs use in reference to selling the Cash Discount Program in order to save merchants on the high cost of processing credit cards. Cash discounting has become the main pricing structure for merchants in today's business environment. Credit card processing agents seek out these merchants in need of a Cash Discount Program and set them up with everything they need including: free POS equipment, cash discounting signage and sales support for any question or concerns. North American Bancard has become the go to merchant processor for cash discounting with the EDGE Cash Discount Program.

Cash Discount Program

The Cash Discount Program is a structured pricing program that allows merchants to reward cash paying customers for using cash to pay at checkout. The Cash Discount Program applies to most industries and business types unless the merchant's business is considered high risk. If a merchant is interested in a Cash Discount Program they should talk to a credit card processing agent to get detailed info on how how to get sign up. North American Bancard agents are trained to help whether or not a Cash Discount Program is the right fit for the business.  

Surcharge Processing

This term is sometimes used in reference to a Cash Discount Program but it is not the correct way to use it. Surcharging is usually considered a non-complaint pricing structure. Because of the way surcharges are presented to customers it becomes a problem because the merchant is adding money to the transaction. This is very unappealing and can cause merchants to lose business.


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